Le Sueur Theatre Historic Preservation Corporation


Le Sueur Theatre, a historic theatre building with a screen and stage and a capacity of 200-250 people, is located on Main Street South in downtown Le Sueur, MN. Le Sueur, a smaller town with an approximate population of 4,000 residents, has been without a local movie theater since 2008 when the old theater closed down due to the previous owner walking away and letting the property fall back to Le Sueur County, ultimately being sold at a tax forfeiture auction. Since the closing, residents wishing to enjoy a night out at the movies have to drive about 20-30 miles to the closest theatre.


Le Sueur Theatre is located at the south end of town. This provides easy access for every resident of Le Sueur and a viable entertainment option any night of the week. The local business community has shown great support for the theater since it would keep residents, and their spending dollars, in the community instead of driving 25-45 minutes away. Quality performances and constant evolvement, would keep people coming back regularly.


Le Sueur and surrounding communities have been in need of a local entertainment facility since the closure of its only theater approximately twelve years ago. With the closest movie complex located 25-45 miles away, movie-goers’ options are limited - either a round trip drive of over 50-90 miles or in-home entertainment. For people who enjoy the big screen, neither offers a satisfying experience. Le Sueur Theatre can satisfy those needs with quality movies in a comfortable, old-style movie theater setting. Le Sueur is located off a major highway making it an easier drive for people from other towns as an alternative to local people having to commute.


Competition for entertainment facilities comes in a variety of different forms. Competition can be described as the indirect competition as any entertainment alternative in the local area. Competition may come from the local area dining restaurants, but on the contrary, these restaurants present a potential complimentary offering for people wanting to enjoy an evening out with dinner and a movie. The direct competitor are the theaters located 25-45 minutes from Le Sueur. The inconvenience this presents for Le Sueur locals presents a tremendous opportunity for our theatre.

Le Sueur Theatre can provide the residents of Le Sueur and surrounding communities with a long-awaited, hometown theater experience. In addition to films, the building can be used as a rental facility for businesses and private parties. The building can also be used for live entertainment as it was in the past, adding live theater performances, live music concerts, live comedy shows and does not have be limited to these listed. We want this facility to be as successful as possible for future generations.


The building in need of restoration, was re-built in 1933 when the original building burned to the ground. The building is an art-deco, Liebenberg and Kaplan design and long-time home to the town's former theater. Since its closing, it has not been used or open to the public. Before its grand re-opening, the owner, volunteers, investors and sponsors will restore the building to its former glory as one of the town's main destinations for day and evening entertainment with the intent to bring back a social aspect which the town needs for rejuvenation and growth. The goal is not to limit the operation just to the building but also use the space behind for growth opportunities. Along with volunteers, investors, sponsors and advertisers, we will have the ability to restore and upgrade the building so that it will be comfortable and welcoming.


Le Sueur Theatre shall be used by individuals no matter their age, race, religion, gender, family size, ethnicity, income, education, personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests or lifestyles. Le Sueur Theater will be a place where all people feel welcome, no matter their abilities or disabilities.


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